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Ask The Risk Manager

This service is available to any policyholder currently insured with Trident or their agent. This is your chance to get answers to questions on certificates of insurance, risk avoidance, risk transference, contractual liability issues and other operational risk management issues. As an example, what risk management issues should you be concerned with when hiring contractors? Or, when you are the lessee or lessor?

We will respond directly to you and may post a generic version of your question on our site to help others that have similar issues. Your identity will not be disclosed, so feel free to ask questions regarding risk management procedural or control issues.

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Trident Insurance Services provides the above program and service information in order to reduce the risk of insurance loss and claims. The information provided is not intended to include all potential controls or address any insured specifically. Trident also does not warrant that all loss and/or claims will be avoided if the program information is followed. By providing this information, Trident in no way intends to relieve the insured of its own duties and obligations, nor is Trident undertaking, on behalf of or for the benefit of the insured or others, that the insured’s property or operations are safe, healthful, or in compliance with any law, rule or regulation. Insured’s remain responsible for their own efforts to reduce risks and should consult their own legal counsel for appropriate guidance.